FAIR WARNING: Nude women on carpet - FAKE Vienna Bronze

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You are hopefully NOT buying 

this FAKE Vienna or Wiener Bronze 

This ad is meant to be a warning about counterfeits that you see on eBay and elsewhere. 

Here we want to introduce another terrible example of a fake tiny miniature "Vienna Bronze" that we have purchased some time ago on eBay from an Austrian seller who offers his "products" regularly in small numbers here in the U.S. and elsewhere , always the same models. We were curious to see how the actual piece will look in comparison to the photos.

 We wanted to indicate his used I.D. but he changes it so often that next morning it may be another one. You may be able to identify this guy easily as the vast majority of his items are militaria like WW I and WW II pieces like medals, helmets, uniform parts etc., most probably also not genuine. I saw them over and over again.

There are a few notorious sellers of such "products," the vast majority from Germany, Austria, here is the U.S. and the U.K. and I think I know most of the "bad guys". Some of them offer the same items over and over again, of course, without allowing seeing any bidding history (User ID kept private). Something to hide? Like shill bidding? And these identical items are sometimes offered through different user names by the same people. Always the same photos since many years.

If you wish to know more you are invited to contact us for details.

DIMENSIONS: c. 1 5/8 " (4 cm) tall and long, 1 1/4 " (3.2 cm) wide 

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