You have found one of the largest online stores specializing in exclusive Vienna Bronzes. Please take your time to browse through our large inventory.  

      On the left hand side we have created easy to navigate categories and subcategories for your convenience. Click on the main link (e.g. vienna bronzes) and the subcategories will show up. Then click on the link of your choice. You will see what we have to offer on little thumbnails with titles. If you want to know more about an item just click on this thumbnail or the title and a page opens with a detailed description and many photos.

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Collecting genuine antique Vienna Bronzes are good investments and not expenditures.

      We offer outstanding value and exceptional customer service.

       Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions of general and particular nature. 



       See our tab 'about fakes' and read our newsletters and articles about counterfeit 'Austrian Bronzes' mainly from the UK that are flooding the market.






       Some random examples of the broad variety we carry:



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